Cambridge Open Eco Homes

18 - 24 Sep 2016

Visit inspiring eco homes, where householders show and explain how they save energy and cut bills. Find out what would work for you (or not!) eg: comfortable insulation, hi-tech & renewable energy, DIY, low-cost improvements, taking control of your heating. 15 varied Cambridge-area homes, new-build and retro-fit, will be open on the 18th and 24th of September. This year on October 8th we are also hosting Cosy Cambridge, with workshops, stalls and a human library. A sample of 7 homes appears below. Full details of all 15 homes on show and booking facilities from

7 homes

Energy-saving improvements key

  • Low-cost improvements
    Low-cost improvements
  • 'Big' insulation works
    'Big' insulation works
  • Glazing
  • Lighting systems and electrical appliances
    Lighting systems and electrical appliances
  • High spec heating
    High spec heating
  • Renewables: heat
    Renewables: heat
  • Renewables: electricity
    Renewables: electricity
  • Water management
    Water management
  • Sustainable building materials
    Sustainable building materials
  • Lifestyle change
    Lifestyle change
  • Recommended

Please note that this event has now finished.


For this the 7th year of Cambridge Open Eco Homes a wide variety of homes will be open: stylish new-builds and low-cost improvements, home-owners and tenants, self-funded and grant-aided. In 2016 we will be opening 15 homes. Details are posted here for a sample of seven homes but full details of all 15 homes and booking facilities are available from  We run our events over two weekend days in September, Sunday 18th and Saturday 24th.

Hosts give four guided tours each day and you can pick which tour is best for you, depending on availability. Each tour lasts about an hour. If you can get around Cambridge quickly (bike is best) you can see 8 homes over the 2 days.

This year on October 8th we are also hosting Cosy Cambridge, a hub event that will bring together in one place home energy expertise from across the Cambridge area.

Details of previous events and homes opened can be found at

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